To Treat Them the Way They Treat Us: Demolish Their Houses

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews protesting the killing of Muhammad Abu Khdeir

With the arrest of six Jewish extremist suspects - at least three of whom have reportedly confessed - in the brutal murder of Palestinian teen Muhammad Abu Khdeir, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged the killers will face "the full weight of the law,” insisting, “We do not differentiate between the terrorists.” To make good on his promise, say Muhammad’s parents, Israel should demolish the homes of the guilty Jews - just like they demolished the Hebron homes of the innocent families of two Palestinians allegedly behind the murder of three Israeli teens, just like they've demolished over 25,000 homes and displaced 160,000 Palestinians since 1967 in an often blind, random collective punishment meant to disincentivize future terrorism, just like they're now considering destroying dozens of other West Bank homes belonging to Hamas leaders, just like they've never, ever done to any home of any Jew, no matter their crimes. Peace-loving Jews, meanwhile, plan to visit the mourning tent of the Khdeir family. They have said they will welcome all Jews, except right-wing politicians.

 "Justice," said Muhammad's father Hussein Abu Khdeir, "is when they destroy their houses just like they destroyed the homes in Hebron."



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One of the Hebron houses

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