#HobbyLobbyLove (Sort Of), Also Fallout, Boycott and Condoms


Selfie from one customer, but maybe not what Palin had in mind

John Fugelsang got it right: The infamous Hobby Lobby ruling is no mere slippery slope but "a ski jump covered in lube." In the couple of days since the old men of SCOTUS decided a celestial craft store should get to decide whether, how and why women have sex, much has happened, both terrifying and heartening. On the terrifying side: The Court likewise exempted a Christian college from the contraception mandate, prompting a furious dissent from its three female members; over a hundred other companies - Eden organics! - are clambering onto the medieval  no-sex-without-procreation bandwagon; a group of conservative religious leaders are already asking for religious exemption from Obama's upcoming executive action banning LGBT discrimination; and word comes that the God-fearing Hobby Lobby owners have given millions to a Christian ministry run by a wacko ultrafundamentalist who decried the evils of rock music and Cabbage Patch dolls but who was recently pressured to resign after 30 women accused him of sexual harassment and molestation. Then again: A group of clergy handed out condoms in front of a Chicago-area Hobby Lobby to protest a ruling they say is about both contraception and power - "Jesus had a lot of issues with powerful people using power over the powerless" - and the head of Union Theological Seminary said she was "horrified by the thought that the owners of Hobby Lobby as Christians think their corporation has a soul, and I’m even more appalled that the Supreme Court agrees.” Like-minded people also flooded social media to suggest fracking violates their religious freedom, to demand a Hobby Lobby boycott and to argue their sex life is #NotMyBoss'Business. Bristol Palin - remember her? - sparked the best time had by all after she cluelessly suggested everyone celebrate the ruling by rushing out to buy some cute crafty thing and then posting a retail selfie to #HobbyLobbyLove, a hashtag that was then instantly, brutally, hilariously hijacked. To wit: "Still laying on aisle 6 with my legs up in the air. When will the pap-smear guy show up?" My pastor says practicing alone leads to blindness. Can this be true? Please reply in Braille." "Tying my wife's tubes has never been easier! Thanks!" Etc. The fight isn't over.

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