Rollin Coal and Raisin Hell

It seems the culture wars have gone on the open road, with diesel-truck-driving manly men asserting their manly manliness by rollin' coal - deliberately dumping too much fuel into their engines to rev up billowing dense black clouds of soot from often-modified exhaust systems - onto wussy Prius drivers, rice burners (Japanese-made cars), pedestrians and other liberal losers 'cause, dude, cool! Even some other truck freaks point out that while rollin' coal is a fine longstanding trucking tradition (not affiliated with the Tea Party thank you very much) but that doing it anywhere except at designated drag strips is dangerous, environmentally catastrophic, dumb - aka: "one of the least impressive things a person can do with a car, wasteful, asshat move by little boys impressed with smoke" - and should be reported to state hotlines that fine such stupidity. Still, plenty of young yahoos for whom "your truck is who you are" say if someone makes you mad you can just blast those lily-livered suckers away with a good ole mushroom cloud of toxic fumes "and it makes you feel better...(it's) awesome." So, yeah, the old white men of SCOTUS aren't the only jerks around.

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