All Further Articles for 2014-06-30

Monday, June 30, 2014
SCOTUS' Frightful Minefield
There's pretty much nothing good to come out of the Supreme Court's horrific Hobby Lobby decision except Justice Ruth Ginsburg's hard-hitting 35-page dissent, this Twitter response and some incisive toons. So we'll have to go with them. Update : It gets worse. At least 80 other companies have been looking at opting out of the contraception mandate, pending the Hobby Lobby ruling.
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You Shall Love the Stranger, For You Were Strangers In the Land of Egypt: Israel Arrests Those Seeking Asylum, As They Did
Israel has arrested close to a thousand Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers on a desperate "March for Freedom" who had walked out of the Holot "open detention facility" in the Negev toward the Egyptian border, hoping to pressure the UN to help them escape an Israeli government that has done nothing but abuse them as "infilitrators." Earlier this year, the refugees had been ordered into indefinite detention at Holot, which Israel calls a "residence" - albeit one in the middle of a desert where inmates must report for three roll calls a day. The Africans say they will no longer seek asylum in Israel, but will ask the UN to settle them in third countries. Heartbreaking, infuriating. Update : The bodies of three abducted Israeli teens have been found. This will be awful all around, starting with the hashtag #AvengeOurBoys.
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