It's the Right To Bear Arms, Not the Right To Be A Dumbass


A cool new ad - dildos! - from Evolve, a self-described "third voice” in the gun debate that seeks to promote gun safety without playing into partisan divide; its tagline is, “Because safety is not a side.” Founded after Sandy Hook by a New York couple with a marketing background, incorporating both gun owners and non-gun owners and "consciously apolitical" - though already dubbed "an anti-gun front group" by the ever-nuanced right wing - the group stresses the need to "establish gun responsibility as the social norm" through peer pressure, mass media campaigns, and kitchen-table conversations that "should be as common as discussing responsible drinking or whether you baby-proof your house....Cultural beliefs can't be legislated, but societal initiatives can be the most powerful - and legitimate - form of transformative change." Their first ad this winter, "The Bill of Rights for Dumbasses," featured the Founding Fathers discussing the Second Amendment and whether it should mention dumbassery. Its droll new one, "Playthings," features the tagline, "If they find it, they'll play with it" - a fact duly, daily, sorrowfully confirmed by statistics.

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