Arming Missouri Teachers: Hugs Are No Longer Appropriate

Arming Missouri Teachers: Hugs Are No Longer Appropriate

Seeking to "empower" teachers as "the ultimate first responders," at least a dozen Missouri school districts are paying $17,500 for their teachers to get 40 hours of training on using a Glock 19 semi-automatic - "easy to handle, and it goes bang every time," explains the former state trooper who runs Shield Solutions' Active Shooter Intruder Response Training - for the next Sandy Hook. Little kids wanting to hug their beloved, secretly packing teachers could be problematic, he concedes. But it will be worth it to protect our children. Because with a newbie, freaked-out, ill-equipped educator suddenly called on to take split-second aim at a crazed shooter in a packed school full of skittering terrified kids, what could possibly go wrong?


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