Wait, Really?

Dick 'I Am Not An Actual Human Being' Cheney has crawled out of his cave twice in recent days: To pen a ghastly WSJ op-ed on how we need to go kill more people in Iraq with the infamous straight-faced line on Obama that, “Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many,” and now to stand in front of a field as real as his heart with his awful daughter to grimly announce a new group, Alliance for A Strong America, to "restore American strength, power and influence" because "America's armed forces (are) the greatest force for good the world has ever known" and freedom and Benghazi and blah blah blah. John Kerry had a good response: "Please." So does a fake site arguing, "A strong America means not listening to Dick Cheney." Even Fox' Megyn Kelly interrupted Cheney's talking points to note that, um, actually, sir, history has proven you were wrong about everything. Mark Danner's stunning, definitive series on Cheney's crimes in the New York Review of Books offers the best reasons ever why Dick Cheney needs to shut the fuck up.

Let's state this as plainly as possible: The Iraq "war" was a complete and total waste. It was completely and totally worthless. The United States and the rest of the world would be in better shape if Saddam Hussein were still in power. Every life lost was for nothing. Every limb, every scar was for nothing. Every veteran who faces the unending nightmare of PTSD does so for nothing. Let's just stop fucking pretending anything else. Let's grow up a little and face that fact. Let's look the families of the dead in the eyes and tell them the truth.


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The invasion of Iraq was the heaving fuck of a bloated superpower dragging its gut over to pump away because it could. And most everyone just went along with it, applauding each "victory" like it was the motherfucking Battle of Gettysburg. All that's left behind is the giant cosmic fucking joke that is a United States made weaker by wasting trillions of dollars on the mad ego trip of acid-blinded utopians and an Iraq that is exploding like a bottle of soda shaken by a paint mixer and uncapped by a gun.

And we need to bring former Vice President Dick Cheney before those families and have him tell the truth: "We did it for the dollars. We went to war with Iraq because war profiteering was the easiest goddamn way to enrich already rich people, like my friends at Halliburton. It was robbery and we named it 'patriotism.' It was extortion and we called it 'honor.'" Then, we should let the families do what they want. Maybe they'd let him go. Maybe they'd tear him limb from hideous limb. Maybe they'd rip out his machine heart and fuck the hole left behind, jizzing into his sternum.

If nothing else, it would stop him from co-signing an editorial from him and his heinous daughter-beast, Liz, like the one that ran in the Wall Street Journal today. In it, Cheney and Cheney pretty much say that President Obama is an America-hating cocksucker who wants our enemies to win and who is too stupid to understand jackshit about the real world, the world that Cheney (Dick) understands is full of threats without understanding that they are threats he created. - See more at: http://www.rudepundit.blogspot.com/#sthash.FJcvNzoB.dpuf

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