All Further Articles for 2014-06-16

Monday, June 16, 2014
The New Ground-Based Defense Missiles Cost $40 Billion We Could Use For A Lot of Other Things. Oh, and They Don't Work.
A decade after it was declared operational for bogus political reasons, the $40 billion Ground-based Midcourse Defense System "cannot be relied on," says a report from the L.A. Times. It has an "abysmal" record, having failed more tests than it's passed, "performed less well than people had hoped," and earned a worse, not better record over years of tinkering. It was also designed for a threat that likely doesn't exist, or as Charles Pierce puts it, "not to defend ourselves against missiles (but) as a platform for international dick-waving." And politicians - the guys who cut food stamps - want a bunch more.
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Absolutely Nothing
Amidst the saber-rattling on Iraq, a fine, furious, gut-wrenching rant from a former Naval intelligence officer who was there from the start on the mindless claim by a draft-dodging Mitt Romney and all the other "simpering capering madmen" and "cowardly connected wealthy weasels" that "tragically, all we've fought on the cusp of vanishing." Tell us, rages Jim Wright, what "we" fought for, and what it would cost to, insanely, do it again.
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