Planet Earth to CNN: A Shooting Is A Shooting Is A Shooting

If a kid falls dead in a school shooting and makes a big sound but the NRA says it's not really a school shooting, do her parents feel better? In response to the latest shocking release of gun death statistics with grisly accompanying map - 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook, according to Everytown for Gun Safety - right-wing gun freaks have decided to skip reality and go for semantics, arguing that 59 of those alleged school shootings are "fake" school shootings 'cause, see, the shooter didn't plan to gun down his playmates, or if he did, it was in a parking lot, or he was in a gang, or it was part of "personal arguments," so it doesn't count, not really.  Say what? The only thing more appalling than the NRA's new appalling tack is the willingness of CNN - whose job, lest we forget, is to report the truth - to blindly follow suit. After running the initial statistic, they said they took a second look, certainly not due to pressure by gun lobbyists, and by gosh agreed that really we're not nearly as steeped in blood as it seems and there were in fact only 15 shootings, so we're good. Tell it to the bereaved mother of a child killed by a gang member, who bitterly thanks CNN "because they've managed to do something Washington politicians could not - they've reduced the number of school shootings across the country." Unfortunately, they've also said her son's murder didn't happen. Despite the lies of the NRA and those pandering to them and their money, the well-documented facts: There are at least 86 gun deaths every day, whether homicide or suicide, and 308 shootings. Yearly, there are about 81,300 shootings, and 31,672 gun deaths. If you don't acknowledge them, no way you're gonna stop them. To see what that looks like, Everytown's map of the country as well as a map comparing gun ownership in our blood-soaked country to the rest of the world. Dylan in Hattie Carroll: "Bury the rag deep in your face/ For now's the time for your tears."


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