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Thursday, June 12, 2014
On Playing Poor: Bring on the Shanty Town and $9 Microbrew!
In case you live in a cave, the World Cup starts today. In Brazil, that means airport workers are striking, police are firing noise bombs and tear gas at angry protesters, and soccer fans are streaming into $14 billion worth of overpriced stadiums and unfinished hotels. In Milwaukee, that means a bar called the Nomad is open for business with its brand new, home-grown, no-dirt-or-actual-poor-people-in sight "favela," featuring surfboard bar, taco shack and courtyard - initially a "shanty town" until party-poopers objected - with six big TVs to watch the action while you sip craft beer costing more than many actual, poor-and-not-brand-new favela residents make in a week.
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