All Further Articles for 2014-06-11

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Bush Hacker Gets Four Years, Bush Gets Good Times And A Vanity Friggin' Library
The Romanian cabdriver cum hacker who broke into e-mail accounts of George Bush and other world leaders to reveal a host of tawdry secrets, including W's primitive paintings, has been sentenced in a Romanian court to four years in prison. Bush has said he was "annoyed" by the actions of Marcel Lazar Lehel, aka Guccifer. Hey George: This poor guy gets four years for a tech prank, you get freedom, money and leisurely dabbling for the murder of thousands? Annoyed doesn't begin to cover it for the rest of us. Update : A U.S. federal grand jury just indicted him as well. No word on when Bush's indictment will come through. Update : With the fall of Mosul and the ensuing chaos, an informed indictment of Bush's imperial disaster, and all that came before.
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