Women Would Be Safer From Rape and Its "Privileges" If They Just Got Married, Those Tramps

Racking up some big wins in the Clueless Misogyny Awards, the Washington Post ran a jaw-dropping op-ed today in which two right-wing cranks argue the solution to violence against women is for those women to just up and get hitched because "married fathers provide direct protection by watching out for the physical welfare of their wives and daughters." This comes a day after they ran a grotesque George Will column arguing that being a rape victim is now a "coveted status" that confers "privileges" like, you know, bling and lifelong trauma. These people need to update their caves. They could start by papering them with these handy GOP Rape Advisory Charts documenting, from Legitimate Rape and Nightie Rape to Walk It Off Rape and God's Little Shield Rape, the multitudinous ways in which they Do Not Get It, and deserve to be gone from public life until they do.


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