Wilson vs Westboro: Oh Dear, God's Hate Isn't Faring Too Well

Wilson vs Westboro: Oh Dear, God's Hate Isn't Faring Too Well

Vowing to "fight the hate" and having a fine old time of it, thousands of exuberant protesters turned up to welcome "our loving friends the Westboro Baptist Church" with "open rainbow-covered arms" at D.C.'s Wilson High School, where principal Pete Cahall came out as gay last week at a pride event to raucous support. There were so many residents, parents and students from Wilson and other area schools - many bearing goofy signs like "God Hates Figs" and "God Hates Bacon" - the bedraggled cluster of haters had to take refuge around the corner. There, they argued the school is "damning the souls of students" by teaching them tolerance and they themselves don't teach hate even though their signs say "hate" because "we are talking about God's hate....(which) means that if you don't repent of your sins, you are going to hell.” The Wilson folks seemed unfazed by their hellish prospects but did thank Westboro for "a great community bonding experience."


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