Everyone Hates Eric Cantor

Everyone Hates Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor's loss of his re-election big to an unknown Tea Party challenger - despite reportedly outspending him $5 million to $122,000 - is being called an earthquake, a shocker, a stunner, the upset of the century etc etc. It's also just desserts for one of the meanest cretins to ever besmirch a national stage, one who overcame fierce competition to earn the dubious title of least likable member of Congress - even in his own district. To see why, visit the long-running "Eric Cantor Is A Douchebag" Facebook page. They're taking unfond farewells.

Update: A tweet from inside a GOP meeting says Cantor quoted a Holocaust survivor that, "Suffering is a part of life." Wow, that is some tasteless chutzpah.

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