All Further Articles for 2014-06-03

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Remembering Tank Man: Eternal Glory to the People's Heroes
Today marks the 25th anniversary of the 1989 massacre of thousands of pro-democracy protesters in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. The iconic image of "Tank Man" - whose identity and fate remain unknown - lives on, as do sustained efforts by Chinese officials to erase the memory of the uprising, defiant remembrances of and protests against its violent repression, and the unyielding desire for human rights and vindication by survivors who insist, "The night is long."
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Yikes Don't Lick That Stamp!
Pity the beleaguered right-wing cultural warriors reduced to protesting a stamp - issued by the feds, and a forever one at that - honoring " a child predator at the whim of a drag queen." Proclaiming "this is not diversity; this is perversity," t he American Family Association (sic) frets the "sordid" release of the Harvey Milk stamp is "disturbing to say the least." They offer distressed members a solution: At the post office, refuse to accept the stamp and ask for a flag stamp instead, and at home refuse mail bearing the image of ths "very disreputable man." Small acts, they concede, but "un fortunately, the deed is done." Yup, and all the rest too.
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In Common Grieving
From the uncle of Isla Vista victim Christopher Martinez, an anguished call to a blood-soaked nation to "squarely face the heart-wrenching issue of gun violence...start a dialogue, and begin again." Perhaps the NRA has finally met its match in the furious, unafraid, eloquent family of Martinez, who are evidently not going away quietly. "Can we all agree that this is crazy? Can we all agree that this is achingly, heartbreakingly sad? Can we not just settle, 10 days after I lost my nephew, back into 'normal'? Can we instead allow this event, finally, to invoke some deep questioning?"
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