All Further Articles for 2014-05-19

Monday, May 19, 2014
Does Not Perform To Design: On GM's Apocalyptic, Grenade-Like, Potentially Disfiguring Deathtraps
The revelation of General Motors' deadly, decade-long malfeasance on design defects - resulting in at least 13 deaths, a recall of up to 11 million cars and a record $35 million fine from the feds - was bad enough. Now comes a newly released 2008 GM training document listing words to be avoided by engineers investigating the hazards so that they don't, you know, give the company a bad name. Banned terms range from "safety" and "problem" to "gruesome," "Kevorkianesque," "widow-maker," "rolling sarcophagus." and "Hindenburg." Also toast - as in, you're - and "defect." Suggested replacement: "Does not perform to design." John Oliver savages them.
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Thoughtful of the Many: Cecily McMillan Gets Three Months
Occupy activist Cecily McMillan, 25, has been sentenced to three months in jail for putting up an elbow in self-defense when an NYPD cop sexually assaulted her in a police raid of Zucotti Park. In his ruling, Judge Ronald Zweibel proclaimed "a civilised society must not allow an assault to be committed under the guise of civil disobedience," though he failed to mention how he feels about an assault committed under the guise of an abusive police department's sketchy interpretation of law and order.
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