Grotesque Overkill: 23 Cops, 377 Rounds, Two Suspects, Zero Guns

A months-long investigation by a local CBS station into what has been called "perhaps the largest case of contagious fire on record" found that frenzied Miami police last December fired 377 rounds - enough to hit several officers, rupture the ear drums of several more, and send terrified neighbors diving to the floor - at an immobilized car holding an armed robbery suspect and his innocent friend, both of whom were unarmed and trying to surrender. Along with the friend, the barrage killed Adrian Montesano, a 27-year-old with only one prior arrest for criminal mischief and an apparent drug problem who had earlier allegedly robbed a Walgreens at gunpoint, shot an officer who later recovered and taken off in his grandmother's car pursued by about two dozen cops until Montesano crashed into a tree. The cops then opened fire with at least 50 rounds; neighbors said they could see the men inside moving; the officers told them them put up their hands, which they did, at which point police opened fire again in a scene so bloodily chaotic that even dispatchers proclaimed there were "too many officers." Montesano's family were in disbelief. Neighbors described "shooting just wild, shooting all over the place...It was like the wild wild west, man, crazy....they weren’t thinking, they weren’t thinking at all.” Police reportedly were, however, laughing. A police investigation is ongoing.

“The policemen that had on the black and white vests were out there laughing like it was so funny,” said one of the neighbors, “because they got a free shot off them people."


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