All Further Articles for 2014-05-07

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Small Shelter From the Storm
Inspired by the ingenuity of the homeless all around him in Oakland, CA., artist Gregory Lincoln Kloehn decided to try building a house from scrap and trash, just like they do. It came out pretty nice. Now he makes them, gives them away, and runs workshops to teach others to build more. Kloehn knows he's not solving the tragedy of homelessness, just offering a rare rich dry sliver of hope, and ease.
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Any Threat, Any Terrain, Any Time: Israeli Contractor Adept At Targeting Palestinians Wins U.S. Contract to Target Mexicans
Touting its "Proven Technology, Proven Security," Israeli contractor Elbit Systems, which sustains the Israeli Occupation with everything from “intrusion detection systems” on the Apartheid Wall to drones against Gaza to an “Adopt a Combat Unit” program, has won a $145 million contract to provide surveillance to “assist agents in detecting, tracking, identifying and classifying items of interest along our nation's borders." You can see some of those "items" in their creepy, Mission-Impossible-like promotional video.
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U.S. To Veterans: You Can Go Fight Our Pointless Wars For Us, But You Can't Smoke Weed When You Come Home Broken
Even as a new report calls for ending a war on drugs with "enormous negative outcomes and collateral damage,” Congress has rejected an amendment to a veterans' funding bill to allow VA doctors in medical marijuana states to discuss pot - not prescribe it or provide it but suggest it - to treat PTSD and other ills they got serving the country that is now denying them what "a mountain of evidence" says is their best treatment. The close 222–195 vote suggests the tide is turning, but not quickly enough. Every day, at least 22 tormented veterans are said to commit suicide. But for God's sake don't let them get high, and find some peace.
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