Drop Condi For Happily Making Money and Never Mind Those “Things We Were Involved In"

Drop Condi For Happily Making Money and Never Mind Those “Things We Were Involved In"

Abby Zimet

Like most of the other thugs of her era, Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is much in the profitable public eye these days. She just made an appearance at the University of Minnesota - as part of a civil rights-themed lecture series called “Keeping Faith with a Legacy of Justice,” yet - despite student protests, attendees dressed in Gitmo jumpsuits, and a petition signed by 200 faculty charging she bears "bears responsibility for substantial violations of civil liberties and civil rights." Paid $150,000 for her 45-minute speech, she casually alluded to the ongoing controversy about “things we were involved in" but argued, “We kept the nation safe,” except for that little incident at the World Trade Centers, which got no mention. She is also a  recently announced new board member of shiny new file-sharing startup Dropbox, because as someone who supported the Patriot Act, illegal wiretaps and torture, eavesdropped on UN Security Council members and lied to the nation about the Iraq War, who better to trust with our online privacy? A Drop Dropbox boycott campaign is up and running.




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