Feinstein, Meet Irony: Outraged Senate Will Investigate Leak But Not Horrific Acts It Reveals

Abby Zimet

Surreal: Charging that possible perps "broke the law and should be prosecuted,aggrieved  Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein is investigating, and calling on the Department of Justice to investigate, the dastardly leak to McClatchy of conclusions of the still-unreleased, $40 million, 6,600-page report that contradicts pretty much everything the CIA has ever said about its infamous torture program - a report that finds the CIA repeatedly lied about torture “brutal and far worse” than previously known, entailing years of practices “inconsistent with (U.S.) public policy positions regarding human rights" that would likely legally and morally "be deemed wanton and unnecessary," never mind that "measuring (their) effectiveness was challenging," which is to say, the torture didn't work. Still, now the Senate is scandalized not by the crimes committed in our names - which even Feinstein has called "a mistake that must never be repeated” - but by journalists doing their job and telling us about them. Which could be the only glimpse the public gets: The Senate plans to release only snippets of the full report. Even those will be redacted by - yes! - the CIA, which has been awarded that privilege despite what some critics blast as a clear conflict of interest, but which review they assure us they will carry out "expeditiously,” so all good there. With the call for DOJ investigation, the government thus maintains its admirable stance in only prosecuting or punishing the people who reveal our nation's misdeeds - see John Kiriakou and Edward Snowden - but not those who authorize or commit them. Oh we have reached a sorrowful place.


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