All Further Articles for 2014-04-14

Monday, April 14, 2014
Homeless Jesus
Some wealthy residents in Davidson N.C. aren't sure about the new art outside their church, a bronze figure representing a homeless Jesus wrapped in a blanket, sleeping on a bench. The work deliberately leaves room to sit: It's only if people get that close they can tell it's Jesus by the crucifixion marks on his feet, but not many are, because, you know, ick, homeless person. The Rev. David Buck says the statue reminds his well-off parisioners to care for "the marginalized of society," as Jesus instructed, but that didn't stop one woman from calling the cops on Jesus because she was "concerned for the safety of the neighborhood." Others have complained the sculpture is inappropriate because Jesus wasn't in fact a homeless person. Oh, wait...
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These Shall Serve These: Israeli Court Tells Health Officials To Stop Playing Politics and Let Palestinian Doctors Be Doctors
After a five-year fight in which Israel essentially held hostage 55 badly-needed Palestinian doctors in the name of politics - refusing to recognize the well-respected Al-Quds University medical school where they trained as either Israeli or foreign - a judge has ordered the Israeli Health Ministry to allow the doctors to practise in East Jerusalem and stop "harming public health." Al Quds describes itself as "an embodiment of Palestinian perseverance," a vital trait for them: Israeli officials say they haven't decided if they'll appeal because they still can't figure out if they'd rather play pointless, possibly deadly politics or take care of sick people. "It's a simple equation. People in need. Good physicians. These shall serve these." - Dr. Basel Nassar
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