Waterboarding Cheney

Waterboarding Cheney

Abby Zimet

Dick Cheney, that "towering combination of inhumanity and cowardice," recently crawled out of his cave to declare that what any sentient being would call torture in fact "wasn't torture" and besides, “If I would have to do it all over again, I would” - a defense of, yes, torture many bridges too far for many of us, and at least one too many for Maine's Sen. Angus King, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Appearing on MSNBC, King said he was "stunned" to hear that Cheney quote from Cheney and suggested that "if he doesn't think that was torture, I would invite him anywhere in the United States...to go through what those people went through," an invite to which we can only say, hell yeah, bring it on. In the midst of the current fight over the CIA and its abhorrent practices, including lying about almost everything they did, Charles Pierce has more on the once-lunatic notion "that the United States would develop a systematic torture regime, and that the United States would justify that regime with threadbare legal opinions from government lawyers and protect it with entire barricades of misinformation thrown up by the intelligence community." And, even more lunatic, that its creator would now be, not in jail for war crimes, but out in public bragging about it. Warning: video not for the weak of heart. You'll have to see and hear Cheney.


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