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Monday, April 7, 2014
Children to Drone Operators: We Are Not Bugs. We Are Children.
Oh so weary of mindless drone operators dubbing their innocent victims "bug splats" - really - artists and human rights groups have mounted #NotABugSplat, a devastating art/life project in a heavily bombed area of Pakistan featuring the massive portrait of a young girl who lost her parents and siblings in a drone attack. The girl is facing up. She is saying to soldiers sitting at consoles too many miles away to understand what they are so blithely killing: These are not bugs. Not "ground kills." Not video images. Not abstractions. They are us. Powerful work from Foundation for Fundamental Rights, Reprieve, the French artist JR, and others.
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Waterboarding Cheney
Dick Cheney, that "towering combination of inhumanity and cowardice," crawled out of his cave recently to declare that what any sentient being would call torture in fact "wasn't torture" and besides, “If I would have to do it all over again, I would” - a defense of torture several bridges too far for most of us, and at least one too far for Maine's Angus King, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Saying he was "stunned" by the remark, King added "if he doesn't think that was torture, I would invite him anywhere in the (U.S.) to go through what those people went through." Hell yeah, bring it on. Charles Pierce has more on the once-lunatic notion that our country would develop a systematic torture regime, spend years lying about it, and allow its creator to go around scot-free bragging about it.
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