Wait, What? On Hobby Lobby's Lived Out, Deeply Held Religious Convictions, Unless They Can Make Some Money, In Which Case Oops Never Mind

Abby Zimet

In an act of stunning but not entirely surprising hypocrisy, it turns out the devoutly Christian Hobby Lobby, which fought all the way to the Supreme Court against the Affordable Care Act's contraception mandate in the name of its "deeply held religious convictions lived out by compassionate family business owners," in fact has over $73 million in retirement plan mutal funds invested in the manufacturers of the very same drugs and devices they're supposedly so morally offended by - a revelation that suggests the sudden fervent opposition of a company whose relationship with actual Christian principles seems sketchy at best stems not from religious conviction, but from a good ole, right-wing, obsessive-anti-heathen-and-Obamacare urge to coerce their employees into following the Lord just the way they think they should, and never mind the unwanted pregnancies along the way. A terrific scoop from Mother Jones.


































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