Charles Koch Is Just A Blameless Victim Fighting to Restore A Free Society So Lay Off Him Already

Abby Zimet

Charles Koch took a few moments off from celebrating yesterday's SCOTUS decision to allow him to buy even more of our lofty democracy by having his people pen a whining self-righteous  op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about how he's a good guy trying to save the American ideal of "love of liberty" by spending "decades opposing cronyism and all political favors" and pouring his gazillions into legislature that will allow him to make more gazillions unimpeded even though his critics don't want to "try to understand my vision for a free society" but "would have you believe we're 'un-American' and trying to 'rig the system,' that we're against 'environmental protection' or eager to 'end workplace safety standards' when really he just wants to fight for "the fundamental concepts of dignity, respect, equality before the law and personal freedom (now) under attack by the nation's own government" and "collectivists (who) promise heaven but deliver hell," also Thomas Jefferson, Saul Alinsky and go liberty. Warning: If you have blood pressure issues, especially after yesterday's ruling, don't read it. You have to wonder: Does he actually believe this crap? Probably, which makes it even scarier.


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Update: Wow. Charles feels his view of "the importance of a free society" is so, well, important, he sent out emails to employees urging them to "share this with whomever you think might benefit from hearing the truth about our company, our culture and the Koch family." But no pressure, right?

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