Koch to America: Ok So All Our Other Ads on Obamacare Were Lies But Really All You Need to Know Is It Just Doesn't Work

Abby Zimet

Dubbing the (admittedly flawed but for many better than nothing) Affordable Care Act "the lie of the year," the Koch Brothers' Americans For Prosperity - "Economic Freedom In Action" - has been spending millions airing anti-Obamacare ads targeting Democrats in battleground states. The ads feature real people with real stories of healthcare heartbreak - stories, pesky fact-checkers soon found, that were totally bogus. One featured a man blasting the notion of government health care; it turns out he's on Medicare. Stooping ever lower and adding gentle piano music, another uses a cancer survivor in Michigan who movingly tells us she'll die without medication she now can't afford under Obamacare - except numerous fact-checkers found she'd save money with it, a fact that subsequently led her to exclaim it "can't be true" and she found all the plans "very confusing" and actually she's hasn't yet gotten any bills so she's not sure about "the numbers." Having gotten more bad press than they like, the Kochs' have now evidently canned those ads and recycled one from last year featuring a nice white lady offering talking points so broad, bland and non-specific that fact-checkers can't mess with them because there are virtually no facts. A nice white lady says she doesn't like icky political ads (even though she's now appeared in them in at least four states) and anyway health care isn't about politics it's about people, and millions of people have lost their health care even though we can't name any because then we'd get picked on, and listen, Obamacare just doesn't work and you'll have to take our word for it, okay? Actually, not. As always, it's hard to decide which is more infuriating about the Koch Empire: The lies they tell and evil they do, or the underlying arrogant assumptions about the stupidity of their audience. Either way, hopefully, it just won't work.


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