Slime City: Twin Tower Debris As Political Goodie Bags

Abby Zimet

Remnants of the World Trade Center

Despair (at least briefly), oh ye presumably tenacious believers in our electoral process. Chris Christie, Godfather of New Jersey, has sunk yet lower. First, the sordid news that Christie gifted pieces of the Twin Towers wreckage to carefully chosen political cronies willing to help him, part of what was evidently his appropriation and transformation of the Port Authority into his own private, corrupt, mean-spirited political fiefdom. Today, no doubt coincidentally right after that revelation, comes news those supposedly sacred relics of 9/11 will no longer be distributed by Christie lackies, but by the professional staff that ordinarily handles them. Amidst this swirl of truly degrading news - chutzpah alert - Christie embarked today on a town meeting, where people actually turned up to hear him yell at protesters (whom he suspected of representing "a coordinated, partisan effort”) to “sit down and keep quiet” - oh do, please - evidently believing there is actually any political, legal, moral or cosmic justification for any of those people to listen, instead, to him. Straight-faced commentators cite recent polls that show Christie's popularity "slipping"; in one, "just" 23% call him "trustworthy." WTF? Why this nasty bullying grifter hasn't yet slipped right off our sweet spinning orb and out into the oblivion he so richly deserves.... we...just...don't....get. Please don't tell us this is the best our vaunted democracy can do. Please.

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