All Further Articles for 2014-03-13

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Slime City: Twin Tower Debris As Political Goodie Bags
Despair (at least briefly), oh ye presumably tenacious believers in our electoral process. New Jersey Godfather Chris Christie has sunk yet lower. In quick succession, it was revealed he gifted the supposedly sacred pieces of Twin Towers wreckage to political cronies willing to help him get re-elected so he could keep doing things like that; he announced, right after that revelation, that oops they won't be doing that anymore; and he embarked on a town meeting where people actually turned up (WTF?) to hear him yell at protesters to “sit down and keep quiet.” Yes, do. Please don't tell us this lying bullying grifter is the best our vaunted democracy can do. Please.
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Shooting Feet: Israel Targets Palestinian Soccer Players
One more God-awful chapter in the ongoing God-awful narrative that is Israeli Occupation: Israeli forces attacked two teenage Palestinian soccer players, shooting them repeatedly in the feet and legs - ten bullets into one, two into the other - before unleashing attack dogs and finally beating them in another alleged targeting of Palestinian athletes in a place where "soccer is politics." Israeli officials said the boys were about to throw a bomb, a claim they deny. Doctors say both youths will likely never play competitive sports again; it's unclear if they will be able to walk. The attack is the latest in what critics charge is a years-long, systematic Israeli campaign against Palestinian soccer as a symbol of pride and community - a campaign that has seen facilities destroyed and national team members harassed, jailed and killed. "If you degrade the national team, you degrade the idea that there could ever be a nation." - Palestinian Football Association head Jibril al-Rajoub
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We Wouldn't Do That (LOL)
Nailing the irony-rich mess that is the CIA spying on the Senate, Jon Stewart eviscerates Sen. Dianne "So The NSA Is Looking At Your Data" Feinstein and CIA Director John "We Wouldn't Do That" Brennan and his "choir boys" at the agency, the ones who "overthrew Iran and Chile, orchestrated the assassination of the first democratically-elected prime minister of the Congo, wiretapped journalists and anti-war activists, carried out a mind-control experiment with LSD on prisoners.....I guess what I’m saying is you’re very busy." With a lovely nod to George Carlin.
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