O'Reilly Slams Obama For Between Two Ferns Because Abe Lincoln Wouldn't Have Done It

Abby Zimet

Obama's deadpan appearance on “Between Two Ferns” to plug the Affordable Care Act featured the usual abuse from host Zach Galifianakis - "How does it feel to be the last black president? Will the presidential library be in Hawaii or your native Kenya? What do you plan to do about North Ikea?" - and the usual outrage from conservatives worried his comedic chops "damaged the presidency" and tweeting Obama "should be focusing on finding answers" to pressing issues of the day, like Benghazi. Taking the incoherent cake was Bill O'Reilly, who  scowled that the effort to sell health care that is "dubious to say the least" was "a little bit desperate" and Putin and weakness and scrutiny and "we're a divided nation (in) decline" and Obama "needs to be aware of how his enemies perceive him because I believe the testing of America is just getting started." White House officials said the appearance, published online by "Funny or Die," prompted a flood of new enrollments from young people. Which was the point.

"All I can tell is you Abe Lincoln would not have done it. There comes a point when serious times call for serious action."



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