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Friday, March 7, 2014
Soldiers Are Cutting Us Down: Uncensoring Kent State
44 years after Ohio National Guardsmen fired into a crowd of unarmed Kent State students protesting the Vietnam War, killing four, wounding nine and galvanizing anti-war protests nationwide; four years after newly uncovered evidence refuted the longtime government claim the Guard's actions were prompted by a sniper but no command-to-fire; and two years after the Justice Department declined to reopen the case citing “insurmountable legal barriers" - a claim critics called "beyond ludicrous" - the Kent State Truth Tribunal will attend next week's UN Human Rights Committee session to seek justice for the victims of Kent State. They argue Kent State remains "a glaring example of government impunity....when lawful protest was pushed into the realm of massacre" - a chilling escalation, they say, increasingly likely today. "Allison stood for peace and died for peace. May no other protestor in the U.S. ever have to pay the price she paid for her peaceful political dissent." - Laurel Krause, sister of 19-year-old Allison Krause, killed "by U.S. bullets" while protesting U.S. miltary violence.
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Thursday, March 6, 2014
Homosexuals Going To Hell, Says "Expert" In Michigan Gay Marriage Ban Case (But Their Kids Inexplicably Do Just Fine)
The final witness in a trial challenging Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage and adoption, an economist who has authored 60 highly dubious gay parenting "studies," testified that he believes "unrepentant" homosexuals will suffer "eternal damnation" in the fires of hell - a belief, said one straight-faced state official, that's had “no impact on his research." Another star witness was a sociologist whose research shows children raised in same-sex families are "disadvantaged," though under questioning he conceded nobody really knows and actually those kids could be just fine. So: the feeble, fading days of the culture wars. Closing arguments today.
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