Cancerous Culture: Top Army Prosecutor For Sexual Assault Cases Suspended For...Yes.

Abby Zimet

Today, even as a bill heads to the Senate to strip senior military commanders of authority to prosecute rape and other sexual crimes due to their lousy record on same - which is why nine out of 10 sexual assault victims are said not to report their attack - the Army announced it was suspending Lt. Col. Joseph “Jay” Morse, who supervises sexual assault prosecution, for allegedly sexually assaulting a female Army lawyer in a hotel room during - wait for it - a sexual assault legal conference. This, after February's news the Army has disqualified 588 sexual assault counselors and others in “positions of trust” - 10 times more than the initial screening number reported last year after Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel acted on persistent evidence of the military's longstanding, horrific "dirty little secret" that is sexual abuse - for suspected offenses ranging from sexual crimes to alcohol abuse. This, after several high-level military personnel, including the former head of the Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, were charged get the idea. Today's bill is expected to fail due to opposition from those who believe, as does Oklahoma's Sen. Jim Inhofe, "You can't mess with the chain of command." Which is currently, clearly doing such a bang-up job of things.

Update: Bill blocked, as expected.

"We will continue working to better ensure we select the very best people for these posts, and that the chain of command knows what is expected of them, and how important this work is to the Army." - spokesman Army Col. David Patterson.

Jay Morse

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