Substituting Vindictiveness For Justice: Abused Woman Who Fired Warning Shot (That Missed) Faces 60 Years In Retrial, Because People of Color In Florida

Abby Zimet

In what justice advocates are calling "a stunning abuse of power," Florida prosecutors - the same ones who let Mssrs. Zimmerman and Dunn get away scot free for murdering two unarmed black teenagers - are seeking to triple the original 20-year sentence of Marissa Alexander, a 33-year-old mother of three who fired a shot in the direction of her abusive husband who at the time was beating, strangling and threatening to kill her much as he had with earlier "baby mamas," and who himself testified that yes, she did the right thing because he would have beat the shit out of her. State Attorney Angela Corey says state minimum sentencing laws mandate she seek consecutive sentences that would total 60 years. Critics say Corey, an enthusiastic dealth penalty supporter and seemingly all-round awful person, is on the defensive from lawsuits and claims of over-charging defendants to bully them into plea bargains, and "is using the full power of the system to serve her own political ambitions at the (cost) of one woman’s life and every woman’s safety,” which sounds about right to us. More broadly, what is with Florida, its disastrous Stand Your Ground laws - which even Zimmerman's lawyer now says should be changed - and (too many) women who achieve positions of power, only to abuse them? Alexanders's retrial is set to begin in July. What you can do here.

Angela Corey


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