All Further Articles for 2014-03-03

Monday, March 3, 2014
Walk Worthy With Trail Life USA, the God-Loving, Marriage-Sanctifying, Pro-Purity But NOT Anti-Gay Alternative to the Degenerate Boy Scouts
Calling the Boy Scouts "a fast-sinking ship" for its "tragic cave-in to extremist political groups" - aka its compromise decision to allow gay youth, but not yet adults, into its time-honored, knot-tying ranks - right-wingers have created the "life raft for the multitudes" that is Trail Life USA, a Christian-based alternative to the BSA that declares homosexuality "sinful before God" and aims to mold "Godly and responsible husbands, fathers and citizens" from young men who will "live a life of holiness" based on "what God would want." Its scouts, or "trailmen," have new ranks, oaths, awards and a coda to serve as "the salt of the earth" in order to preserve a moribund world of their creators' own fearful fevered imaginings in which there are no gays, Jews, Muslims, atheists, sexy-sex good times outside boy/girl marriage or any other weird stuff that might, God forbid, upset them.
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Substituting Vindictiveness For Justice: Abused Woman Who Fired Warning Shot (That Missed) Faces 60 Years In Retrial, Because People of Color In Florida
In what justice advocates are calling "a stunning abuse of power," Florida prosecutors - the ones who let Mssrs. Zimmerman and Dunn murder two unarmed black teenagers - are seeking to triple the original 20-year sentence of Marissa Alexander for firing a shot in the direction of her abusive husband, who at the time was beating, strangling and threatening to kill her much as he admitted he had with earlier "baby mamas." State Attorney Angela Corey says (clearly WTF) state minimum sentencing laws mandate she seek 60 years; critics say Corey, facing lawsuits and claims of wildly over-charging defendants, "is using the full power of the system to serve her own political ambitions at the (cost) of one woman’s life and every woman’s safety,” which sounds about right to us.
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