Vetoing Hatred, This Time

Vetoing Hatred, This Time

Abby Zimet

Proving even Arizona has its limits, Gov. Jan Brewer has vetoed the hateful bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse to serve gay customers. In her veto letter, Brewer blathered on at length in praise of religious freedom as the ideal behind this great land of liberty before taking a sharp follow-the-money turn and acknowledging the bill could have "unintended and negative consequences," like moving Super Bowls elsewhere and people otherwise hating on her state even more than they do now. It's less than inspired reasoning, though at this point we'll have to take it. Jon Stewart likewise spends a while waiting for commentators to declare the bill just plain "morally repugnant" before settling for the irony of the NFL proclaiming something even too homophobic for them.

A lesson in spin.

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