Absolutely Dangerous: More War, Less Food for the Hungry

Abby Zimet

War criminal, five-time draft dodger, defense industry profiteer and venal fear-mongering excuse for a human being Dick Cheney crawled out from his cave recently to tell Fox News that Obama's plans to cut the military budget are "over the top" because now how will the U.S. dominate the world and start wholly unjustifiable wars in the wrong country and ha what's with a wussy president who "would much rather spend money on food stamps than (on) a strong military or support for our troops.” Never mind the guy is still above ground and free to spout this kind of crap out of his pie-hole. Doesn't he know over 900,000 veterans - many suffering from unemployment, homelessness, PTSD and a multitude of other ills from his nasty little wars -  depend on food stamps to survive? That they spend over $100 million in food stamps at military grocery stores to feed their families? That his GOP buddies are working diligently to cut even that, slim, humiliating lifeline? That by any normal standard of personal and civic morality, it's better to feed people than send them to war? Man. Has there ever been a more despicable, oblivious stain on God's green earth? May he be gone soon, please.

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