All Further Articles for 2014-02-26

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Stand With Us and Bend the Truth: Israel's P.R. Battle Over Apartheid
This week kicked off Israeli Apartheid Week in the U.S. and U.K., a series of events to educate people about Israel's apartheid system and occupation - or, as Israeli supporters would have it, "apartheid" system and "occupation." Facing growing international censure, Israel has mounted an aggressive P.R. campaign, with press accounts of the week's "bigotry (and) deception," pro-Israel StandWithUs talking points and a (formerly secure) online dossier listing dozens of advocates of Palestinian human rights, what they've said and how to respond. The result is a brave new world of revisionist history, where a massacre is a battle "with unfortunate civilian casualties” and 85% of Operation Cast Lead deaths were "terrorist operatives." The site briefly disappeared, but Palestinian activists have now published it.
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Absolutely Dangerous: More War, Less Food for the Hungry
Dick Cheney - war criminal, draft dodger, shameless profiteer and venal excuse for a human being - recently crawled out of his cave to tell Fox News that Obama's plans to cut the military budget are "dangerous" because now how will the U.S. dominate the world and start pointless wars in the wrong country and what's with a wussy president who'd "rather spend money on food stamps than (on) a strong military or support for our troops.” Never mind the guy is still above ground and free to spout his crap: Does he not know over 900,000 veterans of his nasty little wars depend on food stamps, and that, by any minimally reasonable moral calculus, it's better to feed people than send them to war? May this oblivious stain on God's green earth be gone soon, please.
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