All Further Articles for 2014-02-20

Thursday, February 20, 2014
Matt Taibbi Joins Greenwald
Wall Street critic Matt Taibbi is leaving Rolling Stone to head a second digital magazine at Glenn Greenwald's First Look Media. Quite the journalistic powerhouse they're assembling.
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A Small Little Bolt: The Tar Sands Poisoning of An Alberta Family
In the wake of recent hearings into tar-sands-related health issues in Alberta's Peace River - these names! - the story of Alain Labrecque, whose grandfather settled there in 1929 and whose extended family long viewed oil as a blessing, until it turned into a curse. Labrecque was finally forced to flee to British Columbia in 2011 after his family began suffering a terrifying litany of ills from the fumes of Baytex' 86 bitumen tanks nearby. Before he left, Baytex offered to buy his farm if he'd stay silent. He isn't. “Why is the little girl always falling?” Labrecque used to wonder about his then-two-year-old daughter
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014
The Awful 1%: Bailout Jokes, Sexist Crap, Confederate Flags and Other Classy Acts
To mark the release of Kevin Roose's Wall Street exposé "Young Money," his bizarre tale of crashing the annual induction ceremony of the uber-secret Wall Street fraternity Kappa Beta Phi. Seeing the rich in "their natural environment," it turns out, means an evening of bad jokes at the expense of the rest of us, throwing truffles at sophomoric musical skits, abusing "worthless neophytes” made to dress in drag, and other exhibitions of a paranoid, self-righteous " fraternity of money" mindset so socially isolated they can't "see past the foie gras to the real world."
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