Dangerous Black Kids

Abby Zimet

The grotesque likes of George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn will just not shut up about the injustice of life: Zimmerman gave another interview in which he whines he is "a scapegoat" and "absolutely a victim, just like our fallen soldiers," and newly released audio of phone calls show Dunn comparing himself to a rape victim who fell prey to what he repeatedly calls "thugs" and "animals." Their clueless racist vitriol is causing outrage exhaustion among many, especially in the black community where "it does some thing awful to your spirit to constantly have to insist on your humanity, and the humanity of those you love." Among the responses: A look at the white male fear that often lies behind such violence; a furious exploration of the bitter fact that in America, still and all, "racism is our heritage"; and the creation of the satirical Twitter hashtag #DangerousBlackKids - a "love letter from hood feminists to our children" featuring photos like babies in menacing hoodies - by a mother "(worried) for all of them in that way that you do when society says that the people you love are worth less, and frames their very existence as a crime."

"#DangerousBlackKids is not about proving our worthiness to live to those who would handwave our murders.. It is not about being respectable enough to deserve life. It is about being human in public, with each other, for each other. It is a reminder to ourselves that we (are) eminently worthy of life because we are here."

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