On Sick Fame

Abby Zimet

Racist sociopath and total loser George Zimmerman has been way busy since getting away with murdering an unarmed teenager for no discernible reason. He's been busy terrorizing his ex-wife, threatening his girlfriend, selling "paintings," talking up "boxing" matches which may or may not still be on and otherwise desperately scraping and scrambling to be a famous person instead of just a racist sociopath and total loser. Now CNN plans to air an interview in which Zimmerman reportedly tells us how he's feeling, including how he's really not that bothered by having murdered Trayvon Martin. Dear CNN: We really don't care how he's fucking feeling. We really don't want to see or hear from this fucker ever again. And we really don't think gunning down a black kid for looking like a black kid is any even remotely justifiable reason for celebrity; even in our pretty sick, celebrity-crazed culture, this is too much. It's especially too much given that right now - shades of Trayvon Martin - a jury is deliberating in the trial of Michael Dunn, a 47-year-old white man who likewise killed Jordan Davis, an unarmed 17-year-old black kid, for no discernible reason, other than he didn't like the "thug music" Davis and his friends were playing. Now, for commentary, CNN's sister network has inexplicably turned to Zimmerman best bud and strident white supremacist Frank Taaffe, who has said "the only time a black life is validated is when a white person kills him." Dear CNN: Are you listening? We don't give a shit what Taaffe thinks. We don't give a shit what Zimmerman thinks. In the name of common sense and decency and even a modicum of judgment, stop giving these creeps the chance to air their creepy "thoughts" in the fame-tinted light of day and let them crawl back to their feral caves, where they belong. Many others are unhappy with the pending CNN interview, and there's a petition to stop it from airing. Please sign.

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