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Chutzpah Without Parallel: Knesset Members, Shocked We Tell You Shocked To Hear of Alleged Harsh Treatment of Palestinians, Walk Out

by Abby Zimet

In a dispiriting sign that Israel's wall of denial is as formidable as its wall of apartheid, European Parliament President Martin Schulz caused havoc in the Israeli Parliament when he mildly questioned the Gazan blockade for preventing growth, the unfair water allocations for Palestinians, and other hardships facing those in the occupied West Bank - after which several right-wing Israeli members stormed out in protest against the "very grave” lies and said they could not accept "false moralizing against the people of Israel, certainly not in German," because when in doubt, no matter the subject, cue the Holocaust. In fact, studies have found Israelis get up to 4.42 times more water than Palestinians in the West Bank, unemployment in Gaza is at almost 40%, and Palestinians have broad support in the international community for their desire, as Schultz put it, “to live in their own country, without violence, without restrictions of movement.” Apparently taken aback by the uproar, Schultz later noted to Israeli journalists that, "Mutual criticism is quite normal in a democracy." Yes, well, that must mean Israel is....