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Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Playing God (But As An Ill-Informed, Merciless Idiot)
Save us from morons in power. Maine's so-called Gov. Paul LePage is expected to veto a bill providing first responders and users with Naloxone, a nasal-spray-like drug that can reverse heroin overdoses, because he thinks it will encourage drug use, like when you get pulled barely alive from a head-on crash and think "Wow that was fun I wanna do it again" - even though virtually all statistics and research show Naloxone works, as does the "harm reduction" approach behind it. Using long-discredited, Reagan-era Drug War rhetoric, LePage has instead sought money for more drug agents, cut funding for treatment programs and refused legal immunity for those trying to halt or treat an overdose on the premise that if you want to help someone or change their behavior, it's harder if they're, you know, dead. In part thanks to LePage, they increasingly are: Fatal overdoses in Maine have quadrupled. All of us deserve better.
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014
On Our Patriotic Catastrophes
In one day - Tuesday - we saw a massive toxic fire at a Chevron-owned fracking site in Pennsylvania, and a massive toxic coal slurry spill in West Virgina where the heavy metals in the slurry will likely be even worse than its recent massive toxic MCMH spill not yet cleaned up, and God knows what other massive toxic disasters the perpetrators haven't yet seen fit to reveal to us. The slurry was thanks to Patriot Coa l. The MCMH, to Freedom Industries. Really?! Do these people really think we won't notice what they're relentlessly doing to our lives, our planet, the future of our children if they wrap their gross corporate malfeasance in our much-abused flag? Think again, people. We notice. For those who didn't yet, terrifying chopper video from the fire.
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