On Our Patriotic Catastrophes

On Our Patriotic Catastrophes

Abby Zimet

In one day - Tuesday - we saw a massive toxic explosion and fire at a Chevron-owned fracking site in Pennsylvania expected to last for days, and a massive toxic coal slurry spill in West Virgina, which is still suffering from the last massive toxic spill of MCMH, which is actually not as bad as the heavy metals in today's coal slurry, which is probably still not all the massive toxic disasters the perpetrators sprang on us becasue so many go unreported. The new disaster was thanks to Patriot Coal; the older one, to Freedom Industries. Do these people really think we won't notice what they're doing to our lives, our water, our planet, the future of our children if they wrap their gross corporate malfeasance in our much-abused flag and all the jingoism inflicted in its name? Think again, people. We notice. If you didn't yet, here's terrifying video from a chopper over the Pennsylvania fire.

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