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Monday, February 10, 2014
No-Show: There's An Odor Emanating from Freedom Industries, and It's Not Licorice
Almost exactly a month after his company's chemical spill poisoned the water of 300,000 West Virginians, the ever-oblivious president of Freedom Industries failed to show at a hearing held by a House committee near the scene of the crime to hear testimony from state officials and answer frustrated residents' questions. Their key one - Is our water safe? - never got a firm answer from experts who endlessly fudged on just what "safe" means, like the health official who noted that some folks think it's safe to jump 800 feet off a bridge on the state's annual Bridge Day and what's up with that? Freedom CEO Gary Southern would have likely felt right at home, but his track record in public is less than stellar: At his only press conference right after the disaster, he complained about his "long day" and blithely swigged some nice clean cold water. Classy capitalism in action.
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The Day We Fight Back
Tuesday Feb.11 marks The Day We Fight Back, when over 300 organizations and 5,000 websites from around the world will protest online against mass surveillance. With much more on the "necessary and proportionate" actions to be taken in the name of protecting our privacy.
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The Eagle Has Landed and the Earth Is Still Spinning
You know how everyone's always saying that gay athletes will never be entirely accepted until there's a gay man in the NFL? Now there (probably) is. Though it was evidently long an open secret and he'd already told his team, it's considered a big deal that Michael Sam, All-American defensive lineman from Missouri and likely top draft for the NFL, publicly came out this weekend as "an openly, proud gay man." Some skeptics say that because "there's nothing more sensitive than the heartbeat of the locker room" in what remains "a man's-man game," his career is toast - though they invariably add it shouldn't be that way. Sam and many others say, very politely, get over it.
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