The Gutter Is Within

The Gutter Is Within

Abby Zimet

The death of the great Philip Seymour Hoffman is so very sad. Amidst the grief and tributes have come moving, insightful looks into the consummate actor whose "metier was human loneliness (and the curse of) self-knowledge," the hazards he and so many others face, and the unending ravages of his disease, addiction. Read the eloquent Russell Brand, a "bog standard addict" clean ten years who earlier this month launched a £500,000 Give It Up fund to develop abstinence-based "recovery communities," on another loss last year - in the long, sorry list of all those who came before, Hoffman now resides between Abbie Hoffman and Billie Holiday. Brand sees that "dereliction can survive in opulence," and mourns "the mayhem of the internal storm."

"Compassion for the addict who is swallowed whole by the labyrinth, at the youngest hour. May angels find you." - blogger Sondra Morin,

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