Pete Seeger's Long Road: I Am Done With Big Things

Abby Zimet

Pete Seeger, two years old, with his family in 1921. His mother was a concert violinist, his father a renowned musicologist. From the National Photo Co. Collection.


A little more Seeger, maybe 'cause we're not quite ready to leave him. Specifically, more on what became his long, rich, instructive journey from here, at two on his composer father's loving lap,  to his unwavering belief in the power of the people. "Be wary of great leaders," he said. "Hope that there are many, many small leaders.” With a telling chat by a fire with a neighbor, and a fond farewell from Arlo Guthrie noting that Pete's passed, "but that doesn't mean he's gone."

"I hear mother nature saying oh my my my my/ The faster you grow, you know, the sooner you die."

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