All Further Articles for 2014-01-30

Thursday, January 30, 2014
CookieCott 2014: Because It's Time To Make the Girl Scouts Clean Again and Stop Them From Performing So Many Abortions
Good news, cookie lovers! Next Friday kicks off “Girl Scout Cookie Weekend," celebrating the world's largest girl-led business helping girls learn key life skills like setting goals, making decisions, managing money and giving abortions. No, wait. Not true. Except to some wingers with "pro-life concerns" who have launched a campaign to boycott all those subversive cookies because Girl Scouts think Kathleen Sebelius and Wendy Davis are cool, and promote "the Planned Parenthood abortion business," and support "pro-abortion" groups like the ACLU, and "regular folks just will not stand for it." Despite many such anti-Girl Scout efforts - see Make The Girl Scouts Clean Again for a glimpse of America's seething culture wars - this one is kind of deemed out there, because Thin Mints.
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Pete Seeger's Long Road: I Am Done With Big Things
A little more Seeger, maybe 'cause we're not quite ready to leave him. Specifically, more on what became his long, rich, instructive journey from here, at two on his composer father's loving lap, to his unwavering belief in the power of the people. "Be wary of great leaders," he said. "Hope that there are many, many small leaders.” With a telling chat by a fire with a neighbor, and a fond farewell from Arlo Guthrie, noting that Pete's passed "but that doesn't mean he's gone." "I hear Mother Nature saying oh my my my my/ The faster you grow, you know, the sooner you die."
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