Rich Jerk Still Thinks Poor Demonized 1% Are Just Like the 6 Million Jews Slaughtered By Nazis

Abby Zimet

Having horrified pretty much anyone with a brain with his deranged Wall Street Journal letter equating Occupy protesters and the "rising tide of hatred of the successful one percent" with Nazis, Silicon Valley venture/vulture capitalist Tom Perkins - he of the $130 million yacht and the manslaughter conviction for running over someone with another, earlier yacht - doubles down in an equally deranged new interview in which he laments using the actual word "Kristallnacht" but nonetheless insists that yes, really, "the progressive war on the American one percent" is in fact a "very dangerous drift in our American thinking" and uppity have-nots protesting Google buses and other privileges of a tiny elite that helped crash the economy but are still making way more money than the rest of us normal beleaguered masses are JUST LIKE Nazis terrorizing, burning out and mass murdering Jews, and besides what about these "cruel attacks (on) on our number-one celebrity, the author Danielle Steel" and what's wrong with her hedge anyway and please don't misidentify his $300,000-plus watch which is worth, he smilingly boasts, "a six-pack of Rolodexes," and what needs to be done in this country is "let the rich do what the rich do - which is get richer." It's been suggested it's time to stop listening to rich stupid sociopaths. And for the media - Wall Street Journal, this means you - to stop printing their crap. We already miss Pete Seeger.

Update: The WSJ has now actually, jaw-droppingly defended Perkins in an editorial, titled Perkinsnacht. 'Nuff said.

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