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Jesus Visits Sarah Silverman To Watch Tee Vee and Argue Fertilized Eggs Aren't People

by Abby Zimet

Oh dear. The ever-fearless Sarah Silverman has made another PSA for women's reproductive rights, this one featuring Jesus coming to her apartment to binge-watch NCIS, eat popcorn and serenely tell her, “Fertilized eggs aren’t people - people are people." Though he adds that  “people who believe fertilized eggs are people are people too. You have to love them," the people he's talking about are still freaking out about "progressive propaganda" in which Jesus came to see the "base and crass" Silverman and her "need to destroy beauty in our culture (because) beauty is a part of our connection to G-d and G-d is our connection to morality (the enemy of the Left)," having evidently missed the part where He told her to love them even if they do say things like that. The ad is for nationwide Lady Parts Justice rallies in September, dubbed From V to Shining V.


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