All Further Articles for 2014-01-22

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Walmart Offers Goofy (Mostly Legal) Talking Points So Workers Will Hate Unions Like They Do
Occupy Wall Street got its hands on some nifty anti-union training documents an increasingly beleaguered Walmart has devised to keep the populist throngs from its slimy gates. Offering the spurious argument unions are just after their money (5 bucks a month), the punctuation-challenged scripts stress loyalty, "open communication," and the need to promptly report any talk of unions to a commie hot line. And the dialogue! Snappy! Female Associate : "Hey I was talking to one of the guys in my area and they told me we could get an automatic increase in pay if we got a union in the store. Is that true?" Male Associate: "Hmm, well that's a good question LaTonya, but you know our company doesn't feel that associates should have to spend their hard earned money to have someone represent them and neither do I.... Through the collective bargaining process, there's no telling what they will end up with. They can end up with more, the same or even less." Female : "Hmm you gave me a lot to think about I appreciate it"
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Guided Reality: On Dead Bats, Drugged Zebras and Choreographed Raccoons
In one more dispiriting step in our tawdry march from truth-telling to a blurred info-entertainment, Animal Planet's hit teevee show Call of the Wildman , which purports to document real-life animal "rescues," has been exposed as a bogus series of scripted, staged dramatizations often featuring animals that have been drugged, trapped, neglected and otherwise abused. An in-depth Mother Jones story alleges a host of "legally and ethically dubious activities" by a company that claims to protect animals but is so intent on becoming "an entertainment destination" it stoops to making fake poop and, far more seriously, sometimes leaves dead animals in its profit-seeking wake.
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Working For the Few: 85 Rich People Hoard As Much Wealth As 3.5 Billion Poor People, And the Power That Goes With It
As the global elite attending the WEF summit enjoy their sleek stay in Davos - Private helipad! Alpine spa! Cigar lounge! - let's hope some maverick pulls out a copy of Oxfam's appalling new report showing the world's richest 85 people control as much wealth as the poorest half of its population. More alarmingly, the report documents a growing "opportunity capture" as the rich use their ever-greater political power to skew policies ensuring the trend continues. The more numbers you see, the worse it gets. Infuriating. "We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of the few, but we cannot have both." - Justice Louis Brandeis.
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