Wisconsin GOP Reject God's Suggestion We Rest on 7th Day

Abby Zimet

Now that Koch Bros. stand-in Scott Walker's anti-labor policies have successfully tanked Wisconsin's economy - it ranks 49th, with wages falling at twice the national rate and job creation plummeting from 11th to 44th place - his GOP colleagues have come up with yet another ingenious idea. Reportedly at the urging of the state's largest business group, Sen. Glenn Grothman, who has earlier proposed easing child labor laws and eliminating Martin Luther King Day, wants to amend state law to offer workers a "voluntary" seven-day work week; current Wisconsin law requires employers to give workers at least 24 hours off every seven days, a requirement Grothman calls "goofy," adding that he doesn't know why Democrats or anyone else would oppose a win-win idea that's a matter of "freedom." He actually said that. Organized labor and other critics, perhaps remembering the many workers over many years who fought and sometimes died in the name of creating the 40-hour week, say employers would inevitably pressure workers to skip weekends and otherwise abuse the concept of "voluntary. To "do the bidding of their corporate donors," suggests one activist, "restoration of indentured servitude (may be) next from the Walker Republicans."

"All sorts of people want to work seven days a week... I don't know why some people want some people to remain poor."


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